Last night we had a glimpse at a Best Buy flyer that may have been quite outdated. It seems Samsung has now confirmed the U.S. launch of device will certainly be in December. I’m sorry folks, but there is still no word on the actual day or price. The DROID RAZR debuted on Verizon for $299.99, so my guess is it will be fairly similar.

With the Europe already having access to GSM models of the Galaxy Nexus, we know it’s coming! There are only a couple reasons I assume they are putting us through this prolonged wait. One, there being a few issues with the hardware/software they are trying to work out. Two, like HiHoAg said in our forums, they may be lobbying to throw in some good ol’ Verizon bloatware.
No one wants to receive their precious Galaxy Nexus with any problems at all, so lets just stick it out and be glad when it gets here. Hopefully with no bloatware.


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