Galaxy Nexus Ninja Unboxing turns into 8-bit video game

I have one word for this and that is: Awesome! If you remember, Google released similar videos for both the Google Nexus One and the Samsung Nexus S (both linked to below) and my personal favorite was the Nexus S. This new Ninja Unboxing part 3 might just take the cake — until part 4 of course. In the past they used stop motion animation for these awesome videos but this brings things to an entirely new level. Play the Galaxy Nexus video game today!

Yesterday Google teased everyone that something was coming for Android fans today and while many were starting to speculate on an update for the Nexus One to Ice Cream Sandwich (dreaming) or maybe some sort of Nexus Tablet instead we have this video/game. While it’s nothing major I’m still quite excited and after I finish sharing the news with all my fellow followers and readers I’ll be sure to get back into my ninja suit and beat the game myself.

Yes, the unboxing turns into an 8bit Atari-style video game that is completely awesome. Basically you need to head down to YouTube immediately and play it by clicking here. Make sure to come back to Android Community though and see all of our coverage of the Galaxy Nexus and past unboxing videos from the timeline neatly laid out below.
Enjoy Ninjas!


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