The Samsung Galaxy Nexus still doesn’t have an official date or price from Verizon Wireless, to the consternation of impatient Android fans everywhere. But between the latest news out of Costco and various other leaks, it looks like we can be pretty sure of the general price. A look into Costco’s internal database shows the Galaxy Nexus at a price of $289.99, with zero current stock and no release date in sight. That lines up closely with the $299 leak out of Verizon itself.

Sadly there’s no indication of when the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to the big-box retailer. The appropriate field in the database is left as “N”, which we assume means “not applicable”. The version that will be showing up in Costco is the Verizon model, so those of us on AT&T or T-Mobile can hold on to our three bills for a while longer. Previously a look at Verizon’s internal system showed the Nexus launching with the new HTC Rezound on November 10th for $299. While the dates for both have obviously slipped, there’s no reason to think that the price is wrong considering that the Rezound has already matched up.
Europeans in various territories will get a chance to buy the Galaxy Nexus on November the 17th, and according to an even more recent Verizon leak, that may indeed be the case for the US as well. An advertising calender showed the Nexus and a general Samsung campaign beginning after Thanksgiving, but we’re
choosing to believe that that’s simple a schedule for their nationwide media rollout. Come on, Verizon, get the lead out – won’t you take my money already?

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