Galaxy Nexus SIM-free price: $680

While we don’t know exactly when the Galaxy Nexus will be hitting store shelves aside from the nebulous “November“, in at least one territory we have a firm price for the contract-free version. All Nexus phones are unlocked, but in countries that aren’t burdened with the “competitive” wireless market in the US, you can easily buy a phone without a SIM card. IN the UK, the Galaxy Nexus will cost £429, or about $680 USD.

A couple of things to note: that price is before a considerable Value-Added Tax, and it’s the smaller 16GB version. At present, there are no plans to release the larger 32GB model in the UK, which could be an important deciding factor for those who like to take large collections of media on the go. Like the Nexus S before it, the Galaxy Nexus has no MicroSD card slot. The price also reflects the HSPA+ model, as the UK currently has no LTE networks.
While off-contract prices for the US are tentative until one of the carriers makes an announcement, you can expect that the Galaxy Nexus will be in the $600 range for the 16GB model. The on-contract LTE price looks like it will be $299 on Verizon at least, though that may not include a mail-in rebate. Be sure to check out our hands-on coverage of the Galaxy Nexus to tide you over until it comes to our fair shores.


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