Galaxy Nexus White’s Battery Doors appeared online


Verizon‘s smartphone roadmap for 2012 recently leaked and it contained several interesting revelations. This include some new phones that are due for release this year such as the LG Cayman that was previewed in the 2012 MWC and is set for release in the latter parts of March as well as the Droid Fighter which is set for release in April of 2012.

But interestingly, a replacement parts supplier has a few white Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE battery doors up for auction at eBay, further confirming rumors of a colorless variant of the phone headed for Verizon. The latest whispers suggest the new model will launch with 16GB of onboard storage, which could coincide with separate reports for a 16GB Nexus landing at Big Red on April 5th.

We should remind though that a white back might look mighty ugly on the non-white version of the Galaxy Nexus. As you may recall, the white Nexus actually has an entire white frame that matches this battery cover, so if you were to purchase this for the Nexus you have now, things might look a little odd.


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