Galaxy Note 4 and S5 to Get Android L in December


Android L is going to be launched by Google, somewhere towards the end of this year, or maybe even a month or two before this year ends. And many users worry about the availability of the Android L Update on their devices.

Galaxy Note 4 and S5 to Get Android L

And it is obvious that the Galaxy S5 and the Note 4 would be getting the Android L Update, but when these devices will get it is the question. Now here is a leak that says that the update would be rolled out in the late November and would finish by the Early December. And going by the history of Samsung in the field of rolling out updates, this seems to be pretty fast.

Officially Google has not released any date for the Android L Launch. But most likely this time Samsung seems to be working on the updates, and fetch them to users as quickly as possible. The picture would be clear only once Google rolls out the Android L Update, but at this point Samsung seems to be leading the race of rolling out the updates for it’s flagships.



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