Samsung has recently launched the Note 4, so that doesn’t mean they have not been working on the Note 5. Particularly Samsung has been improvising on displays since a long time now.


Also the company has been teasing the 4K display development. And now according to a report the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 would be featuring a 4K display. Also as a rumor, and a tip sent to PhoneArena the device would feature a 6 inches of display with a 4K resolution and also with a pixel density of about 743ppi. Also most probably the next generation of Galaxy devices would be featuring the 4K display.

Also we heard some rumors about the Galaxy S6 featuring a Exynos 7420 chipset, which would feature four Cortex A-57 and Cortex A-53 cores. So most likely this might be the probable configuration of the Note 5, with some slight changes of course. Samsung has always launched a Note device at the IFA Costumer Shoe,  and the next one would be held in September 2015. And there is a lot of time remaining, and we will get to know more about the device in the coming months.


  1. Are you fucking kidding me? 4K on a phone?! It’s a good thing that display technology is advancing this quickly but 4k on a phone is just wasted, that resolution is better on a tablet or a computer monitor. I still have a 720p phone screen and i’ve never thought a higher resolution would benefit me more. Samsung should put this in a device where the resolution can truly be appreciated.


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