Galaxy Note 8 (Snapdragon) gets rooted without Knox trip with SamFAIL


The Galaxy Note 8 has just been rooted by an XDA member a month after its release. The member, going by the name me2151 used a SamFAIL utility to root the latest Sammy flagship. It is impressive considering the Galaxy S8/S8+ root took much more time. At this rate, we think that we’ll hardly have to wait a month for any new flagship to be rooted. The Note 8 model that has been tested with the method is N950U (Snapdragon).

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Moreover, the above-mentioned root takes place without tripping Knox on the Note 8. That is great. If the method didn’t have other pitfalls which we mention next. The process will most likely break SafetyNet. You also won’t have Magisk compatibility to add to your troubles. Furthermore, since this method uses a modified boot image, you won’t be able to charge up your Galaxy Note 8 more than 80%. So long for full day usage. Needless to say, the install will also wipe all your internal data.

It is to be noted that you won’t require an unlocked bootloader and neither will this process result in one. All it does is grant you root access, so if you are fine with all the above shortcomings, this is a good start to have. Further, we should have even better solutions as more devs get their work out. If you want more details on the procedure, we will link to the source down below.

Source: XDA Forums


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