Galaxy Note 9 predicted to debut with Samsung’s on-screen fingerprint technology


Since the dawn of bezel-free display devices have emerged, under display fingerprint scanner is what the smartphone industry now badly need. Indeed, the on-screen fingerprint technology had become a cynosure of all eyes over the past months. And, all those Samsung fans all over the world irresistibly waiting for the technology to boast in a Samsung device. Sadly, it seems the wait may last a little long, though.

Galaxy Note 8 pre-registration

Courtesy to a latest report, Samsung would be able to debut its fingerprint embedded display only with the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s subsidiary LSI and Beyond Eyes have started shipping sample parts to Samsung for the Note 9, the report stated. Apparently, it might be disappointing to expect the technology in Samsung’s next flagship, Galaxy S9.

Qualcomm And Vivo Already In The Race

Earlier, Qualcomm and Vivo separately had claimed that they have developed the technology fit for commercial purpose. However, till now no device from their side have been neither launched nor is in the rumor-mill.

Over the past few years, we’ve been witnessing a tremendous evolution in smartphone’s design, performance and  power. Definitely, the development we had dreamt of. But, innovative or revolutionary technologies are still a deficit factor, despite the tremendous evolution in smartphone industry. Moreover, the under display fingerprint is considered as a next big thing and not short of any revolution. So, let us hope the major OEM’s to successfully bring the technology with their products soon.


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