Galaxy Note7 Replacements To Arrive in Portugal on September 19th


After recalling all the Note7 units sold globally, Samsung is now not wasting any time in shipping the safer replacement units. Yesterday,we got to know that Australian customer would be getting their Note7 replacements by 21st September and we considered them lucky. However, it looks like Portugal will get the Note7 two days before than Australia, i.e. 19th September.


While things seem to be going smoothly for Samsung in Portugal and Australia, the scenario in USA doesn’t look too good. Apparently, is trying hard to convince customers in the US which is one of the biggest markets for Samsung to return their Note7 devices.

However, customers are concerned they will have to wait very long for their replacement units to arrive. To butter them up, Samsung offers a Galaxy J series smartphone for the time being that your replacement unit arrives or you can also opt for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge with the difference being returned to you with an additional $25 gift card.


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