Galaxy S 4G Launch Also Brings Direct Billing for Samsung Media Hub

Oh you pink devil, you, T-Mobile, and your direct billing. Everyone knows that instant purchases are the building block of a great united states of credit cards, and because of that, hooray for the future! Holding hands with the availability launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Mobile will be announcing access to direct billing for Samsung’s Media Hub TV and Movie content service, charging the money directly to your T-Mobile account. You’ll be able to download your favorite movies and TV shows on your brand spanking new Galaxy S 4G and have the option to flip the bill directly onto your T-Mobile service bill.

This Samsung Media Hub, if you aren’t familiar, is tied with many top studios that allow them access to a generally generous amount of TV shows and movies for you to purchase. Every device Samsung has officially placed the media hub on is also approved specifically for the content, Samsung making sure you’re getting the quality experience you’re paying for. Amongst the networks collaborating with Samsung in their Media Hub system are CBS, Fox, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.
Content you purchase “to permanently own” can legally be shared with five Media Hub equipped devices at no extra cost. And now with direct billing to your T-Mobile bill, you’re going to be needing 5 devices worth of space because you’ll be spending all your allowance and grass cutting money on episodes of Community and HOUSE. Also make sure you pick up TRON when it comes out – support your robots.


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