Galaxy X foldable device patent reveals a few things about it’s interface


We have been hearing a lot of Samsung’s Foldable smartphone. Everyone wants to know more about it, but hardly any major breakthrough. Though it has been commonly referred as Galaxy X.

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Well, we feel the smartphone giant will release the device next year, don’t know the exact date. We hardly even know anything about the mysterious smartphone’s interface. Though a recent patent application gives a glimpse of the device.

There have been many such patent applications but this one gives us some screenshots about it’s interface. The user interface according to the screenshots is similar to that of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6. The best part is that the device can be used in both portrait and landscape mode depending on the way you wanna use it.

According to the screenshots we can see that the device can have apps. The device is set to have two panels attached to each other in such a way as it says it can be folded. There is no continuous display.

This patent had been filed in 2016, without any further information. So to know when this device will be released what will be it’s price etc you need to wait. You can stay connected here and we will soon update you.


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