When it comes to finding details about some of the phones we are really looking forward to, we will take any info we can get. We talked about the HTC Evo Design 4G smartphone before when it first leaked and we suspect that the Design 4G will be a cheaper version of the Evo 3D. Presumably, the smartphone will be lacking the 3D tech that some people won’t miss at all.

Outside that 3D tech the Evo 3D is an awesome smartphone so we are hoping that the Design 4G is in fact a cheaper version of that 3D smartphone. We have no idea when the Evo Design 4G will launch and we have no hard confirmation of the hardware inside the smartphone at this point. It seems that Gameloft might know a bit more than we do about the launch date for the Design 4G. Gameloft has the smartphone listed on its website to choose for downloading certain games.
This could signal that the smartphone is set to launch soon, or it could just be an indication that whoever adds devices to the Gameloft site is ahead of the game. It would be easy to bet that come October we will hear more about the Evo Design 4G at CTIA.
[via Gottabemobile]


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