Gameloft has released two additional titles onto the Android Market in the past few days aside from Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Both of these new games, called Fantasy Town andNFL Pro 2012, are available as free downloads on the Android Market.

Both of these games sit on the opposite ends of the gaming spectrum when it comes to the type of game both of these new titles are. While one is obviously a football game, the other is a Sim City style of games based in a fantasy themes.
Fantasy Town

In Fantasy Town you will be in charge of building your village just like any other type of Sim City game. However it doesn’t end there as you are also able to guide your villagers to uncovering buried treasure, farming exotic plants, talk to villager and accept/complete their quests for rewards and you will also have to make sure to keep your population happy. There are also mini-games you can play to take a break from building and managing everything where you will battle it out with monsters.

Fantasy Town is sort of a blend between a Sim City game and a RPG title with all the fantasy themed creatures involved. For those of you who enjoy these types of games, you can nabFantasy Town off the Android Market for free and it comes with optional in-game purchases.
NFL Pro 2012

Jumping over to the other end of the spectrum, Gameloft has also recently released a new football game called NFL Pro 2012. Features some pretty impressive visuals, this new game comes complete with 32 officially licensed NFL teams to choose and over 2,000 officially licensed players from the NFL. This time around they have also used motion capture technology, similar to what Distinctive Developments do with their sports games, to bring a lot more realism to the game.

NFL Pro 2012 Features:

– The Entire NFL: Thanks to the official NFL and NFL Players License, you can choose to play and manage any of the 32 NFL teams with over 2,000 real players.
– Unlock more content: Play matches to earn points you can use to unlock new stadiums, playbooks, stat boosts and much more.
– Visuals: Thanks to motion capture technology, enjoy stunning graphics and an impressive level of detailed player animations that include running, tackling, celebrating touchdowns and more.
– The improved AI promises a challenging game every time. You can also take on the advanced AI if you think you’re ready for the greatest challenge.
– Choose from over 200 plays to beat your opponents or use the Playbook Editor to create your own tactics to outwit the opposition.
– An assistant to help you make the right choices depending on time left, team skills and more!
– Get all the news about your favorite teams thanks to the official NFL RSS feed integrated into directly into the game!

If you enjoy playing football games on your Android device this new title from Gameloft might be another one to check out. It is also available as a free download off the Android Market.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Fantasy Town | NFL Pro 2012


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