Garmin has announced today that it has its very first fitness app for Android users is on the Android Market right now. The app is called Garmin Fit and it is used to turn the Android smartphone into a training device for athletes. The app offers all sorts of metrics about your workouts that you can save and upload to your computer for tracking over time using Garmin Connect.

The app can track metrics for your workout like speed, distance traveled, route traveled, and calories burned. On Android, devices that are ANT+ enabled the app will interface with fitness sensors. The Garmin ANT+ sensor is for the iPhone only. If you have a bunch of music on your Android device, the Garmin Fit app will let you access those tunes without closing the Fit app.
Once you are done walking or running the app will ask you to name the activity and enter more details about the weather and such. The activity can then be sent to Garmin Connect for free. You can download the Garmin Fit app right now for 99 cents.
[via SlashGear]


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