Google Keyboard or Gboard is getting a new update with lot of new features and fixes. The few main features are the new languages support and addition of new text editing tool.


The new languages that have got the transliteration support for 22 new Indic languages – –  including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati. In addition Google have added few other languages also, “Through Gboard’s internationalization through machine learning, glide typing and suggestions are now available in more than 185 language varieties.”

The new text editor features like select text, cut, copy, and paste  are available right from your keyboard. Now, you can even move and reposition your keyboard and size anywhere on the screen where you want it to display.

Recently, Gboard gets the emoji and GIF suggestions while Typing, Instant Translate. Also, they brought in the GIF feature to Gmail in a recent update.

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To get these latest updates and improvements to your Gboard for Android, head to the Google Play Store



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