GBoard GIF selfie

GBoard users be prepared as Google might release in a latest GBoard Update soon. It’s of worth waiting as the popular GIF selfie feature. It can be easily accessed straight from the Gboard suggestion bar after the update. Apparently users need not dwell inside the emoji tab to access GIF-making feature thereafter.

GBoard GIF selfie

As per the source, the newly introduced GIF button, allows for GIFs to be recorded from the front and back camera. Basically, it lets you record in two modes: “Loop” and “Fast Forward“. The former is a sort of ‘to and fro’ GIF visuals that can be recorded for three seconds. Whereas the latter lets you record up to one minute and gives output as fastforwarded. Once recording is over, you can just send it via any messaging apps that support GIF format. All the process is as easy as typing, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the re-positioned GIF selfies button seems to be live on iOS counterpart of GBoard. It’s only a matter of time when Google will officially roll-out the feature to the Android version of GBoard though.

Well, GIFs are an effective and innovative medium for expressing our feelings and thoughts. Due to this property, the format has got its immense presence across various instant messaging apps as well as in some native keyboards. Evidently, its popularity and acceptance among users need to be the driving force that made Google to position the GIF button in a more pleasing location.


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