Google has just released a new update for their Gboard which brings a number of new features including Sticker gallery, Custom GIF’s, etc. Now some new details are coming from users that the spell checker feature from Google’s keyboard is not working. It is one of the most important features Google offers to a user but unfortunately for some users, the feature doesn’t get the job done. So without wasting any time let’s know more about it.

If you are an active Android user then you may be knowing that a lot of people have reported about this issue on major platforms like Reddit and Google’s own complaint forum. What this feature does is, whatever you write it gives you the write suggesting and marks the wrong word with a red underline. For now, it is not working and the group which is getting affected by it the most is Business. The people who rely on Gmail for sending daily reports, etc are tired of it.

A discussion about this thing is also carried forward on Google Issue Tracker where it has been confirmed that the problem has been already transferred to the company. Soon Google will get this service fixed. Here is what Google’s employee has said about it “We have passed this to the development team and will update this issue with more information as it becomes available”. We will be notifying you through an article whenever Google releases the fix for this problem. For more updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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