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A lot of kids are using Android Phones as opposed to the adult Android Phone users. Some of the reasons would be the navigation, the user interface, and the applications. Although some applications may be used for work and also for home and file management, what causes people to buy these devices are the availability of free applications especially games. Some of the most downloaded games are word games, strategy, adventure, and fantasy. Some games will be discussed and will be critiqued to identify why these are downloaded by a lot of Android users.

Genie In An Android 

Need for Speed


The Need for Speed shift, a well-loved computer game because of its graphics, customization options and the adrenaline rush that racers at heart get whenever they hear horns and see colorful lights on different cars, the paint jobs, and of course, the revolution of the engines. This allows for manual transmission that adds a reality touch to the game as calculations may be made using the rules of physics, to ensure maximizing the full speed potential of different cars and of course, the ultimate goal of the game – to come first in all the races!

Talking Tomcat


Everybody deserves a loyal pet! Well, there are some people who would love to have a pet but do not have the time to keep one, cannot handle the mess, are not allowed to have one where they live, or simply cannot afford one, they can still have a pet right on their Android devices! The talking tomcat named Tom responds to your touch, just like a real pet. Your pet will also become your number one fan as it repeats everything that you say using a cat’s voice, making it sound funny. You may fall into laughing pits if you will use it with your friends. The best thing about it is that while your pet is repeating what you said, you can record the video and send it to your family or friends, which will be a cute and funny surprise.

Fishing Joy


Enjoy the joys of fishing without the risk of getting wet! You can start fishing for the best fishes in the sea right on your Android device. It will still teach you the virtue of patience and all other values that may be learned through fishing but this time, it will include assertiveness and determination. A lot of fishes will be right before you, eye candies swimming in different directions, but you will need not only to get the most number of fishes but also to keep your eye on the lookout for the rare ones that has a high value. Being patient and alert enough to get most of these valued fishes, a gauge will be filled and this will allow the fisher to have a powerful tool, a laser tool that enables the player to zap every fish on the screen all at once.

Paradise Island


Everyone would love to be in a paradise. Definitely, more would love to own one!  This will keep the summer breeze confined in your Android device and fill it with sun, sand, and the sea. Reminisce and create more summer memories by building your own island and having control over it – whether to put up business establishments for the tourists, upgrade these establishments for more profit, and live a life away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Your Android device will surely have something for you whether you live in the fast lane, looking for companionship, living a simple life, or a summer lover. The best thing of all is that a lot of applications may be downloaded for free!


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