galaxy s5 mini SM G800H back and front

After being made available in UK earlier this month, Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has now been made available in its European counterparts too, i.e. Germany. As of now, it is available only on one retailer but thats not a problem as the retailer is none other than Media Markt which is well known in the region.

galaxy s5 mini SM G800H back and front

If you’re planning to get a Galaxy S5 Mini in Germany, get ready to shell out €449 . It is available in all the color schemes, namely the black, gold, blue and white colors and will be shipped out from July 25th. You can however pre-order it currently.

While the Galaxy S5 seemed to impress some people, not many were impressed by the Galaxy S5 Mini. The Galaxy S5 mini is available for €449 while its elder sibling , the Galaxy S5 comes in just €100 costlier. So not many people would prefer going for the mini variant and would instead go for the Galaxy S5 if its big size is not an issue.

The Galaxy S5 Mini is yet to be made available in other parts of the world and we’ll keep you updated when is is. Till then, stay connected.


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