Get a Chromecast free with Moto X


Motorola Moto X has been a really good device from Motorola, and it also marked the come back of the manufacturer, which is now acquired by Google. And the sales of the Moto X have been really good, and the device did some good business.


But that’s not enough, after the successful Moto Maker launch for the Moto X, that would let you design your own custom made Moto X, and then came the price drop in the Moto X prices, and it went to $399 only. And now the company has something more tempting for the guys who are looking t buy the Moto X. Now you will be getting a Chromecast absolutely free if you buy a Moto X.

The offer is only valid on the e $399 16GB and $449 32GB models, and yes that too off contracted devices. And the offer might be only valid till January 14, so if you’re interested hurry up, or you might lose the deal. And considering the price of the Chromecast itself, it is absolutely a great deal to go with.




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