Since a bit of time the Touchless Voice Control of Moto X has been in the limelight and very popular and being loved by the geeks. Part of the X8 chipset, that always listens to you and activates the phone with “Okay Google Now”.


Now here is the good news about the feature of Moto X. You could have that feature on your Android Phone too, thanks to the Open Mic+ app available on Play Store. Also one good thing about the app is it features no ads, no great user experience can be expected.

The app, Open Mic+ runs on the background and can be activated by “Okay Google”. Then it prompts Google Now for searches and commands, offline which will save your data plan also. The app also works well with the tasker so you can call out the custom tasks via your voice.

But there are some problems also, as the app is a total battery drainer, due to the absence of a dedicated core for the function as it is found in the Moto X.

App Download link: here (Play store Link is Not Working) Download From : Amazon



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