Get Sony Xperia Z1s For $0 Down & $22 per month, in-stores and online


While the Sony Xperia Z1z was officially released last week its time for the best deal pouring out. Now we know that it would be available to T-Mobile’s online store starting on Monday. Arriving on schedule, you can now pick up the Z1S from T-Mobile online for $0 and 24 monthly payments of $22 ($528 total price).


And now not only the Online stores but also you can buy your Sony Xperia Z1s from any brick-and-mortar locations or any retail partners. Earlier the handset was only available online. If you are willing to use Sony Xperia Z1 but with LTE connectivity then don’t you worry the Xperia Z1s is the best match for you.

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Source: T-MOBILE


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