Yesterday we posted a guide on how to get Google Wallet on your new Galaxy Nexus phone. Trying out the method myself, I ran into some strange behavior as we mentioned in that former post. Other’s never got it working at all. The process was in short, not much fun. Well you can put the past behind you because devs after Google Wallet are diligent. Diligent enough to finally bring you a simple APK that you can install, without even needing root! It took mere seconds for me to set up and redeem my free $10 from Google, but as it is currently early morning as I write this, I’ve yet to journey out and blow some poor cashier’s mind. Definitely, something to look forward to tomorrow. Before you get ahead of yourself please pay attention here:
If you previously flashed the .zip file from Friday, you may have to return to a backup, pre-Wallet, or this .apk will not work.
Otherwise, proceed to the download.


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