Love it or hate it, Ice Cream Sandwich has made a drastic change in the overall look of stock, vanilla Android. What some are calling the “Tron UI” from Honeycomb is officially the new look of the Android OS on smartphones. If flashing buggy and extremely alpha versions of the SDK port aren’t exactly your cup of tea, XDA member sonnysekhon has cooked up a great theme for CM7 users dying to have the look of ICS and nothing else. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing else seeing how many of the new features introduced in ICS have been found in CyanogenMod for about a year now — but I digress.
The theme works using the Theme Chooser app included in CM7. After downloading and installing the theme, all you have to do is select the theme from the Theme Chooser app and BOOM, ICS on your Gingerbread device. According the his thread, the developer is constantly updating the ICS theme so make sure to check back regularly for updates. Enjoy!
Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha 2 App [Download]


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