The Unlocking gesture. Blow To Unlock Sounds cool, eh? Well this is the unlocking gesture which is featured for the flagship from the India’s company that makes the cheapest yet some brilliant smartphones. It is available only for Canvas 4 but guess what? Some core developers from the xda are capable and equipped enough to make this app available for usage on all of the smartphones, Android Smartphones to be specific. Although the Canvas 4 was not as successful as it was expected to be in terms of the hardware power, but still the company has managed to bring in some really cool gestures. Like the floating browser, the Blow to Unlock Specially.


Coming to the app and  How to install it, follow the steps mentioned below. The Blow To Unlock App only works with Android ICS and above versions on the Android devices. This app works fine from low end smartphones to even the high end smartphones. Also you could unlock your phone by shaking it or blowing air. So it has two very cool gestures to amaze your friends while you’re out. Follow these steps to get it on your Smartphone now.

  • Download the app from here (Mirror).
  • Install it o your Android Phone.
  • Now navigate to settings>Security> Screen Lock and choose as None. It will set no unlocking security such as pin, or pattern lock on your smartphone.
  • Now open the app, and choose it to enable the features.


  • Now everything is setup, you’re done. Now lock your phone, and then you could shake it or blow to unlock the screen, ENJOY.

App Credits: Foneclay Team who made this app, and developer keanuritz  who extracted it from the original Canvas 4.

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