GetJar just kicked the Amazon Appstore in the twins with the announcement of the GetJar Gold service. GetJar Gold has been in beta testing for the past month and is now ready for the public. Rather than one app you may or many not like for free, GetJar Gold gives you 50 free apps all the time with new apps added. These aren’t apps of questionable quality either. GetJar gold offers some of the coolest games and apps around for free.

At launch, the free apps will include Splashtop Remote Desktop, TuneIn Radio Pro, Age of Zombies, and my favorite Fruit Ninja. If you grab all 50 of the free apps, you would save $60. The apps chosen for the store and must meet certain criteria. The can only be premium paid apps with no ads in them. Rather than a split of the proceeds from the sale, GetJar Gold will pay developers for each install of the games.
GetJar also notes that it is in talks with another big name in the app industry, but can’t say who it is right now. GetJar plans to make money off the gold service by making loot off sponsored listings with developers inside the store. GetJar thinks that this will work better for developers since the user is more likely to download and install if an app is free.
[via TechCrunch]


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