On Windows, everyone loves to work on Microsoft Word, but the game is different for Android devices. Google Docs is the favourite word processor for Android users. This popularity has led the Google Docs to hit 500 Million installs on the Play Store. It took four and a half years for the Google Docs to hit the 500 million installs club.

google docs 500 million

Google has launched Docs along with the Sheets app to process excel sheets on the Android. Still, Google Sheets has to cover a big gap in the downloads as it is near 100 million installs. Google has several other apps that are in the 500 million install club, those are Google calendar and Google Duo.

Google Docs, multiple users access, easy to edit and a vast number of tools has made it popular. It seems compatibility across every kind of devices and support for Google Assistant has made it more popular. All, the major developments that have taken place in the past few months have catered a lot in the success of Google Docs. Ultimately, all these features have helped Google Docs to gain 500 million installs.

Google is working hard to make their Android apps unmatchable with any third party apps. They are continuously updating their apps with the latest features and enhancements over time.

How many of you are using Google Docs as a primary word processor on their devices?


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