This coming month marks the one year birthday of the HTC Wildfire, a sign by many people’s standards of being outdated in the tech industry. In fact, usually a manufacturer will stop providing software updates and support around that time. The HTC Hero, for instance, didn’t even officially get Froyo, nor did the Samsung Moment. That said, we at TalkAndroid know that just because a phone is a bit dated certainly doesn’t make it obsolete, particularly when the rooting community gets involved. Bringing that back to the Wildfire, an intrepid group of ROM-chefs over at xda developers have been hard at work to bring Wildfire users the latest and greatest in the form of a Gingerbread-based Sense ROM. Now the ROM is currently in its alpha stages and probably wouldn’t work very well for any but the most experienced of flash-addicts, however the team is definitely making headway and we’re sure that the sweet taste of Gingerbread-flavored success isn’t too far away. This will definitely be worth keeping an eye on for any curious Wildfire users. Speaking of, are there any said users that are interested in checking this ROM out? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stop by xda to show these guys some love.


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