Gmail app on Android

Gmail for Android get the new feature in latest update i.e. you can now send and receive money. The Money is transferred via Google Wallet which is now integrated with Gmail App. Now you can send or receive Money in few simple steps on Gmail for Android as you can already do via Gmail on the Web.

It will be very useful for someone who has gone on a group trip and wants to settle up Money with your friend. You can use this Google Wallet integration to send or receive money to that person via Gmail App on you Android Phone.

How to send or Receive Money via Gmail for Android

  • To send Money you just have to tap on the attachment icon and choose whether you want to send or request money.
  • To receive money via Gmail for Android App. You will get money directly into your bank account which is connected to your Google Wallet.

This feature is currently available in US only. To use this feature you have to download the latest version of app from the Android Play Store.


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