How To Strikethrough Text in Gmail

On this memorable occasion of Gmail’s 15th Anniversary, Google has pushed some new upgrades for the popular E-Mail service. The upgrades come in the form of an all-new E-Mail Schedule option and improvements to the already existing Smart Compose feature. It’s to be noted that the changes are now available only on the web-client of Gmail. There are no words regarding the expansion to it’s Android and iOS counterparts.

Email Schedule Feature in Gmail

The highlight is, of course, the Email Schedule option which let users schedule an email and specify the time when the recipient should get it. On top of that, Google has made certain improvements to the Smart Compose. It will now learn the users writing style more thoroughly than ever before to make relevant and apt suggestions for writing an email’s subject. Adding up the spice, the Smart Compose is now more smart with support for four new languages – French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As of the Message Schedule feature, moving forth, users will see an arrow next to the Send button for every e-mail they crafts, and tapping on it will bring up “schedule send” option. To make it easier for the users, Gmail offers a handful of default schedule options for scheduling the email. Nonetheless, if that does not want you to want, there is an option to manually set any date and time of your choice.

Additionally, some new native actions have also been introduced as a part of the 15th Anniversary upgrade package. The new native actions enable users to perform certain tasks without leaving Gmail and it’d come in handy for most of the situations.


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