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Gmail is a well-known platform from Google and is being used worldwide because of its simplicity. Google often rolls out new updates for the program so that new features will be made available to users. Gmail is a kind of need these days as almost all work-related emails, personal messages, etc can be easily done through it. This time some fresh information is coming from the source “Androidpolice” and according to them soon Gmail will gonna add email scheduling. So without wasting any time let’s dive a little deep into it.

Gmail update

Suppose you are busy with your daily schedule and you want to send an urgent email to someone. Later you came to know that he/she is out of station for a day or two and will get in touch after a while. Now you are worried about the fact that if you will send an email right now than it will get somewhat disappear. As all other messages from distinct sources will first appear on the top. But sadly email scheduling is not available on Gmail.

Gmail Email Scheduling

As per the latest teardown by Android Police, Google is working on a new service called “Email Scheduling”. After having this a user will be able to schedule an email as per his requirements. Suppose you want your email to get delivered after 2 days, it is impossible for now but will soon be made possible by Google. For now, Google hasn’t revealed anything but it seems like Google will release it for both web and mobile app platforms. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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