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Google has made another lite app available from its bandwagon of its Go Apps. Gmail Go is the newest app that has made it to the Play Store. The all Go apps is going to seamlessly work on both Standard Android and Android Go builds. Users having low end phones are mostly going to benefit from these Go apps.

gmail gif

The Gmail Go app is the slimmed down version of the mainstream Gmail Android App. It offers fewer functionalities, features and services at a single time but have advantage of running in low end environment. It will give you all the basic and mostly used features in your not so powerful hardware phone.

The app is not available for the devices running Android 8.0 or older versions. It is only compatible with Android 8.1 Oreo running devices. Well, users who want to download it can do it by sideloading it from the third party source link below.

Well, if you have device running on Android 8.1 Oreo can directly shoot up to the Google Play.

In developing nations, the Android Go is going to get popular due to potential of vast low end phone markets. Let’s wait and watch for the Android Go to launch with more devices.

Source: APKMirror


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