Gmail introduces Add-ons to make your workflow easier

How to install an add-on in Gmail


Gmail Add-ons for workflows was first made available in the developer preview earlier this year. But, now the add-ons are available for the end users to install. This feature will eliminate the act of switching between business apps during your workflow. As of now, ten add-ons are available to use and one coming soon.

How To install an add-on in Gmail

You have through the settings in Gmail and select “Get add-ons” to add any of your choice. Here, are the list of add-ons available right now :

  • Asana

Turns your communication with clients, customers and teammates into tasks.

  • Dialpad

Message or call colleagues.

  • DocuSign

Sign and execute contracts, agreements and other documents.

  • Hire

Add candidates, manage candidate information and upload resumes.

  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing

Create and send professional invoices.

  • ProsperWorks 

Easily access prospect or customer data, and log activities from calls, demos and meetings. You can also scan related opportunities, tasks and events.

  • RingCentral 

See the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review recent call history, make outbound calls and view and send SMS messages.

  • Smartsheet 

Add email content and desired attachments directly to Smartsheet.

  • Streak 

Add email threads to deals, view enriched contact info and quickly respond with snippets.

  • Trello

Turn email into actionable tasks in Trello to give your team a shared perspective on the work that needs to be done.

  • Wrike

Create Wrike tasks from emails, view and update task details, and send and receive Wrike task comments.

Thus, you can now perform all those above mentioned tasks in the Gmail app itself. This is obviously a welcome addition to the business users as they do not have to switch between apps.

Source : Google


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