GO Keyboard app reportedly spying over users’ data on 200M Android devices


From last few years, Internet has become the most useful, convenient and easiest communication tools available. However, our privacy and security is a matter of concern these days due to ever increasing incidents reporting compromises with privacy and personal security.

Nowadays, most of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Several mobile apps on smartphones spy on the users, sending personal information to remote servers and third parties. At this time, GO Keyboard, an Android keyboard app has been found guilty of spying on its users and selling users’ data to third parties.

According to AdGuard, an advanced ad blocker firm, that carried out research on keyboard apps used by Android users, GO Keyboard reportedly violates Google Play privacy policies. The research revealed that the keyboard app is downloading data and sending information to third parties which includes your Google email account, Android version, screen size, build and device model.

It also records whatever you type on your smartphone using the GO Keyboard. The app has also been reported of communicating with dozens of third-party trackers and ad networks.

The app is currently being used on over 200 million devices worldwide. Adguard claims that it has informed Google of the spying behavior of the app. The app, is however, still available on the Google Play store leaving millions of users open to attack.

Source: Adguard


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