If you had, your hands on the Google ADK board a week or so ahead of its official launch what would you do? Sit and stare gleefully at your gear or get down to business by making a cool device using the board to show off how easy the Google ADK board is to use? A DIY modder going by [yergacheffe] did in fact have the Google ADK board early and set about making something cool.

The person used the ADK board along with some LED matrices and modding prowess to construct a display that can show the meta data for the songs playing via the music beta service from an Android device. The matrices were put inside a laser cut acrylic case and the music beta logo glows with LED light for extra bling.
With the complete project display, people can connect their smartphone to the display and it will show info about the tracks they are listening to. The modder says that only a couple lines of code were needed to get the Google ADK board to work with the display screen. Check out the video to see the finished project in action.

[via SlashGear]

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