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Google is burning candles at both the ends these days. Recently showcased Android P developer preview and AIY kits, all are the example of their hard work. Google has earlier released the AIY projects for the developers and techy minds so that they can satisfy their AI hunger. These AIY projects allow them to customize the functioning of hardware as per their needs. Recently Google has taken a step forward and has released the Google AIY projects app on the official Play Store market. So without spoiling any moment let’s get to the facts.

In case you are new to AIY projects then let me give you a quick overview of it, AIY stands for “AI DIY”. Which means Artificial Intelligence which is designed as a Do It Yourself project. Google has earlier launched the two kits namely Vision Kit and Voice Kit. This new Google AIY app will allow the users to connect their developed Voice/Vision projects to a Wi-Fi by using a smartphone. It further allows an individual to communicate to his/her computer system without making use of any cables.

This fresh application is only helpful if you have already assembled your projects and to assemble you have to follow the Assembly guides. These guides will show you the method to assemble the hardware after which you can make use of this AIY Project application. From onwards 16th of April, the app is available on Play Store and its free availability is icing on the cake.

This app will provide you an IP address which is helpful when communicating with your computer system. The app is currently at Version and you need to have an Android device running Android version 4.2 or above. The app weighs tiny at 2.4MB and you can get it through the below dropped download link.


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