Google Allo, AI bases or we can say, Google Assitant embedded Instant Messaging App, has been downloaded 10 Million times from the Play Store. Google Allo in September raked 5 Million downloads but it took 2 months to reach the 10 Million plate on the Play Store.


Google Allo was suddenly downloaded 5 Million times in 5 days. Due to its limited features and specs, the app didn’t made it more than 1 month on 50% devices and another 10-20% for another month. There are lot of features that are left in the App. Google Assitant can’t be the only thing for which I or my friends would join the Google Allo as prime chatting app.

So, there needs a great overhaul for the whole Google Allo if they want to see more actual users rather than just downloads.

Are you using the Google Allo on Daily basis? Or you have on your device but not using it? Let us know what’s the actual usage report.


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