Google Allo has received an update with some changes and enhancements. The new version of the app has brought in a feature which allows you to place a Duo call within the Allo. Google announced it couple of months ago but now it is rolling out to the users via Play Store.

Google announced both the Allo and Duo apps independently with different functionality. Now, they are merging the features to one another to give users much more functionality through one app. Currently, it is unable to know, whether this was already a plan when Google was launching both the apps or now they felt the need of call for Allo.

Well, the new feature is ready to use and you must have Duo app installed on your device, in order to use it.

Google is gradually rolling out new updates to Allo and Duo to make it competitive among others.

You can update the app by hitting the source link below.

Source: Play Store


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