Google Allo Update: Google introduces the emoji suggestion Button in Chat


Google Allo is the artificial intelligent chat app in which the app can reply on your behalf. Today Google is rolling out an update in which, while you’re typing instead of just bringing up the emoji keyboard, the “Smart emoji” button will bring up a list of suggested emoji and stickers that are relevant.

Google Allo latest update


Earlier if you want to send some emoji you have to take some time for selecting what you are sending. Now Google is introducing this feature with which you can take less time in selecting an emoji.  In this update Google is introducing the stickers related to Harry Potter. Now if your friend sends you a sticker from a pack you don’t have yet, you can tap on that sticker to quickly download the pack.

Google Allo latest update

Moreover, Google also added some fresh Themes for your chats background. You can choose from the range of backgrounds to compliment your style. All these features are available on both Android and iOS platforms. As Google rolling out these features today so it will take a few days to reach each and every person.


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