Google Allo v17 APK shows “web stickers” and other sticker categories incoming


Allo v17 will be receiving more sticker-based improvements. The APK teardown of the latest version shows some code lines that suggest Google will soon allow “web stickers” in Allo. The new strings suggest the new stickers will come from third parties. Hence, they advise users to check the licensing before sharing them.


Since the launch of Allo, there are many sticker already packed around, and if this development goes through, we will be seeing a lot more.

However, we don’t know if these new stickers will be available for import from another website or Google itself will screen them before making them usable for people.

Recently, Google added many new features to Allo and Duo. Last week, Google revealed web version of the Google Allo and same for Duo is in works. Gogl eis making it competitive against the Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and other social chat platforms.

Also, the teardown also reflects that stickers will get categories. That is a much needed option seeing the number of official stickers now at our beck and call. With 80+ packs, how many users would bother to sift through them to choose their pick?

Users will also be able to search for stickers, the new strings show. However, it is unclear if this will be for the new “web stickers” too. That’s all for now.


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