google allo

Google Allo was released a year ago and since then Google is being introducing new features to their messaging app. And now, a new APK teardown of v24 by Android Police confirms more new features that will be coming soon to the app.

google allo

The most notable features found were chat with Google accounts, new camera effects and some UI enhancements.

Chat with Google accounts

This feature will help you to chat with anyone who is connected with you by their google account. So, now you don’t need their phone numbers to chat on Google Allo. This will really come handy to many users out there who have been using Allo for months.

UI enhancements

Long pressing on any chats presently opens the action menu in rectangular shape. But, this might be changed in future update. Instead of action menu, there will be a pop up menu that will hover over the chat window.

The option buttons will be placed horizontally and they will be placed on a background which will have rounded corners.


The future update may also feature a tab interface which will include People, Shared Media and Settings. This interface might be for the group chats which would display the members, media shared and settings in different tabs.

Camera effects

Some of the camera effects that will be included areĀ Amazed Face Rays, Confused Face Kaleidoscope, Confused Question Marks, Drama Bollywood Zooms. To use those effects, users will have to download them first.


And last but not least, flash support is finally coming to Allo. It will be really helpful in low light conditions.

So, that’s it guys and in case if you are interested in using this new version of Google Allo, the download link is provided at the end of the post.



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