We knew it was coming, it just hit us a bit sooner than we expected. Although, we also admit Google Allo should have had this feature a lot earlier. Now, you can finally access Google’s new chat on the web through browsers. Google has always wanted to have a big messaging client under its roof but over the years, the company has failed many times. Allo is its latest try and Google is still reluctant in adding important features. At least, the web client is now available. Although for Android users only. Those who wish to do use it can do so right away by updating their app to v16. However, the web client works just fine with v15 too.

First-time setup is pretty much like other web clients. Users will have to open the allo.google.com/web page on their PC. Then open the app on the smartphone. Then open the side menu, and use QR scanner to scan the code on the web page. Alternatively, there is an “Allo for Web” tab as well. But it’s one and the same thing. It just walks you through it. User chat will be synced automatically. If new users want to know more, thankfully Google has them covered through a resource page called “learn more“. However, the feature works only with Chrome only as of now. But it is reasonable to say, the iOS version will be getting it soon.

Allo was introduced at Google I/O last year and it hit 5 million in just 2 weeks and then 10 million in two months. When it comes to IMs Google’s strategy is a big mess. It has already separate apps for video and messages in the shape of Allo and Duo. To aggravate things further, Hangouts was split in two recently. And now, even Youtube has its own messaging and video sharing feature.

Source: Amit Fulay (Twitter)


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