Google Allo will support Firefox soon, adds a new icecream-on-head camera effect


After the significant desktop client of Google Allo came out, things have been relatively quiet on the feature front of the messaging platform. But a new update hit today, and a teardown has shown one or two new features are a work-in-progress.

Google Allo

The v19 shows signs of a Firefox browser support coming for Allo’s web client. This adds to the list of Opera Browser, whose logo was found in the APK teardown of v18. So, yeah, this will be a whole lot useful update. Presently, only Chrome is supported and it works great.
A new unexpected feature was found in the strings too. If we read that right, the camera app will include a new effect and place a virtual ice cream on your head. I’m not sure this feature will be very useful, but oh well. Let’s just see, where Google takes this.


Apart from that, Google might be getting ready to debut the reorganized sticker store found in v17 and there is a mention of a new miscellaneous notification channel.


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