Google And Motorola Ordered To Give Android data to Apple


Courts have ordered both Google and Motorola to hand over information about the development of Android over to Apple with regards to a patent lawsuit. Motorola Mobility, a purveyor of Android goods in its hardware offerings, was given the go ahead by both U.S. and European regulators to be bought by Google last month. Motorola also have to give Apple information relating to the $12.5 billion takeover of MotorolaMobility by Google, and it is relating to a patent lawsuit between Apple and Motorola that was filed back in 2010.

“The Android/Motorola acquisition discovery is highly relevant to Apple’s claims and defenses,” Apple’s lawyers said in a filing on March 2, requesting the order from the court. “Motorola shall be expected to obtain full and immediate compliance by Google with Apple’s liability discovery demands,” the Chicago judge said.

Apple have been going after various Android manufacturers for some time now, although the lawsuits have been related to Google’s Android OS, so it looks like Apple are stepping things up and we wonder how long it will be before they go after Google directly.

Source Bloomberg


  1. Innovation should be the bottom line for Apple! These patent lawsuits against the Android platform is just extracting ideas and no new ideas are being born. Somehow, the jury involved in this case should lend a better hearing to protect the intellectual property of Android. I hope for more technology than politics.


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