Google Android O will finally get a name at 21st August event


Google will finally break the silence and give a fitting name to the next version of Android O. An event is scheduled on August 21. The company has a live page counting down to the event. And since, it’s coinciding with the total eclipse, Google will let us pass our time watching the eclipse. You can save source link to see the livestream of the event.Android O name


The page says that the Eclipse can be watched on August 21 at 12:00 EST and the Android O unpacking will be on 2:40 EST. However, the event itself will be held in New York. There have been crazy guesses about the name of the latest OS. Some have called it “Orangina”, others think it will be “Octopus”. Further, outlandish names like Android Oh! Henry and Android OMG were also voted in a survey.

Names aside, the event should throw a lot of light on what Google has planned for the new OS going forward. The Developer Previews of the OS have already given us a good idea of the features in Android O. The new ones like Picture-in-Picture, Notification Channels, Keyboard Navigation and Background Limits are just some of the classy changes the new OS will bring. And we are pretty excited!



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