Google Announced the Add-ons for Doc and sheets

add-ons for Docs and Sheets

Google Announced the Add-ons for Doc and sheets. These add-ons can be downloaded through Play Store, as well as within both Google Docs and Sheets. These Add-ons helps you in daily work, for example get a contract ready for e-signing, among other things, explains Google.

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Google Doc and Sheets Add-ons aren’t necessarily for everyone, but the additional features they offer can be quite helpful and save a lot of time. Here’s a preview of just a few of them:

  • DocuSign – Trigger or complete a signing process from Docs or Sheets, and save the executed document to Drive.
  • ProsperWorks – Import your CRM data to create and update advanced dashboards, reports and graphs on Sheets, right from your device.
  • AppSheet – Create powerful mobile apps directly from your data in Sheets instantly — no coding required.
  • Scanbot – Scan your business documents using built-in OCR, and insert their contents into Docs as editable text.

Other than the above listed add-ons, their are some more Add-ons like PandaDoc, ZohoCRM, Teacher Aide, EasyBib and Classroom in Google Play collection as well as directly from the add-on menus in Docs or Sheets.

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Google says they worked with the developers to bring this set of Add-ons for Google Doc and Sheets. The success and failure of these add-ons could go a long way to getting more developers to translating their Drive add-ons for mobile. That means we can get more Add-ons in the future.


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