Google Announced its New YouTube VR App


Google has announced the YouTube VR App for Google’s Daydream VR platform which is announced in KeyNote at Day 1 of Google I/O 2016. Although YouTube is giving various new video and audio formats on YouTube like 360-degree video, VR video and Spatial Audio.

YouTube VR App

YouTube says that they are developing it’s VR App provide an easier and more accurate way to find the Virtual Reality content on YouTube. They said app will include all the features which you love, namely voice search, discovery and playlists. Moreover, you will also able to watch the content in 3D.

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YouTube is also collaborating with some amazing content providers, namely NBA and Tastemade to bring people new VR stories. YouTube is also working with partners to build cameras ready for Google’s Jump 360-degree camera rig. And today, the company is officially launching Jump program at the YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles and New York City and we will it bring to all YouTube Space locations around the globe soon.

Although YouTube didn’t give any specific date for the release of YouTube VR App but they do say that you will experience this app sometime later this year.


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