It looks like the leaked Google+ app has finally become official, Ice Cream sandwich interface and all. The app is available on the Android Market now. According to the change log, it features battery improvements, navigation changes, improved notifications, support for Google Apps users (we know you’re out there) and general bug fixes.

Take a look at those screenshots: notice anything different? It looks like someone in Mountain View has got their hands on a Galaxy Nexus, not that it’s any sort of surprise – you can see the software navigation buttons at the bottom. If you visit the Android Market listing on your computer, you’ll see that the app previews are now 1280 x 720, the screen resolution of Google’s latest developer phone. According to the latest user reviews, even persistent bugs have been ironed out after the major release.
Other official Google apps should start updating soon. The Android Market has already got its major overhaul, and we’d guess that Google Music 4 will drop just as soon as the company is ready to add MP3 music to the Market as it’s already done with movies and books. You can download the leaked Google Music APK here. Expect apps like Gmail and Google Reader to be updated in the near future for all Android versions and devices. Sadly, poor Google Listen seems to have been completely abandoned. How’s about a little love, big G?


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