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Google is updating its Google app on the Android devices. The new and the latest update brings some slight changes along with usual fixes and performance enhancements. Along with these changes, there also exist a code which would allow us to customise the hotword. If it’s true than days are not ago when we can call Google with our own custom name.

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Well, as of now our sources have found some code which is leading to the Hotword customisation. The code is showing the potential to change the hotword and customise it as per the need. There are other settings also that can be changed as per the code that is present in the latest apk of Google App.

Even, there’s an instance to use two primary languages at same time. As of now you are not able to use two or more languages at same time, you have to select the default language for the use.

Even the built in podcast feature is going to get some updates. They will improve the functionality of the default podcast feature in the Google App. Further, more and more integration is going to take place between several Google products into the mainstream Google App on Android.

How many of you have got the latest version of the Google App ?


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